The park.tech SRLs, thanks to the work of its technical department is able to design and develop particular parking systems l that can meet various needs of parking and / or lifting cars.
Over the years we have been manufactured and installed many different prototypes of lifting and parking sytems perfect combination of traditional techniques and engineering knowledge of the company as well as the passion and the constant search for new challenges and requirements dictated by the markets.


The MODULPARK parking system consists in two kinds of modular elements: elevator (for vertical transfer) and pallet (for horizontal transfer). The assembling of a chosen numbers of these two elements, together with electrical controls panels, allows the arrangement of a complete parking system from 3 to an unlimited number of cars (the odd number is required in order to have always a free space as far as a correct cars going in and out movement is concerned).

The structure is equipped, on request, with one or more horizontal gates, connected to the main panel. When the user inserts the key and presses the relevant button the system will starts to operate.

At ground level, each pallet is independently operated and each one is capable of having a 2.50 metres horizontal movement. Therefore, the number of pallets moves horizontally by leaving a space below relevant to the car to be lifted.

Once the pallets have moved, the elevator where is parked the car to be lifted is ready to move vertically to ground level.

When the elevator reaches ground level, the relevant horizontal gate (when supplied with) opens and the user is able to collect his car. At last, when his car is out, he will press again the button and the system will come back to the starting position.

The parking area entrance movement is quite the same.


Park.tech has built a large mobile stage on the occasion of the Turin Winter Olympics in Turin 2006.
This stage of about 48 mq in total was used to lift the famous Ferrari prepared for the occasion and was used for various scenes and famous showbiz artists performances.
This big platform fully utilizes the lifting system of the classic Parktech scissor lifts presenting considerable size and load capacity.